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Buyable Extras & Hole Games

Buyable Extras

  • Skirt  $25 per player, max of 4 per team.

  • Mulligan  $25 each, maximum of 4 per player. Must be purchased before the start of the round.

  • Throw Continuation of the previous shot. Players must throw the ball. $50 per player, max of 4 per team.

  • 50 ft String $250 per team. Must be used on the green. Cannot be used on fringe.

  • Pink Ball $250 per team. Pink ball shot is rotated in group for as long as the ball stays in play. If the ball is lost, rotating the extra shot ends.

Hole Games:

*Closest to the Pin and Long Drive are standard, require no money to play.


  • Kids Club  Must use a small kids’ club from the tee box or you can use your own for a $25 donation.

  • Guess Distance  For $25 a participant hits a tee shot and guesses the distance. Closest guess wins small prize.

  • Hole of Fortune For $50 a team can spin the wheel for a significant advantage.

  • Cornhole Toss Participants can throw a bag at a cornhole board. Any bag thrown into the hole is put into a raffle for a small prize. $10 per throw.

  • Guess the number of tees = $10 per guess. Winner gets a prize.

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